The Night Belongs To Molly Ringwald

Samantha Baker, Claire Standish, Andie Walsh — the object of your 80s affection turns 43 today. Watch some John Hughes and raise a glass to the brat pack.

Also, it's Dr. Dre's birthday, which is a great excuse to pay homage to the 90s, should you be a child of that decade.


Have a good weekend, everyone!



*mumbles something about how the best way to combat slowness of traffic in groupthink and open threads is to post stuff*

What did you used to eat when you were a kid, that you made yourself or was a customary thing in your family, that you look back now and think "Yeah, actually, that was sort of weird."

When I was sick as a child, my mother used to make me pasta with a dreassing made from Vegemite and I think a little bit of butter. It was tasty but simple and comfortable to eat, and she used novelty pasta shapes.