The Night Belongs to Maya Rudolph

In honor of Maya Rudolph's birthday AND the Olympics, let's watch her sing the national anthem. So beautiful. I think I might cry.


Have a great weekend!

(There will be a separate open thread for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight. Stay tuned!)

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Third date last night. After a brief discussion of (mostly my) sexual history, my date commented that I'm "practically a virgin. You're not all used up." Lovely. That, plus the fact that he was trying to grope me in public after I told him that I do not like to be exposed in public, ended the date. Got home, didn't see a text from him, went to bed. This morning I saw that he texted me both last night and this morning. When I replied that I missed his text last night, he said "Likely story. You were either really pissed off or really turned on." So I am apparently a 40 year old non-used up almost-virgin who doesn't know my own feelings.

First date tonight with a different guy. Here's to getting all used up!!!