The Night Belongs To Marlee Matlin

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Today is Marlee Matlin's 47th birthday, so let's applaud her for a sec, because I could really use an inspirational story today, couldn't you? Matlin is the youngest actress and the only deaf performer to win the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, which she won for Children of a Lesser God. What's more inspirational than that?


Let's talk about fun/positive things below because this week has been hell.

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Inigo Montoya

Posted also from GT.

Uuuggh. I foster animals and I adopted a kitten out to a couple that seemed great. The woman called me hysterically crying that her older cat attacked the kitten twice and she needed to return the kitten.

OK, we arranged that she would return the kitten Saturday and in the meantime, I found another home for this (amazing) kitten with a close friend of mine (her cat had died a few weeks ago and she'd been missing having a cat around.)

Today I get an email from the original couple that they're keeping the kitten. That they will just keep the cats in separate rooms most of the time and they're sure it will work out over time.

But I'd already contacted the shelter and worked things out with my friend (who'd met the kitten several times during the fostering process.) And I'm concerned that the kitten was already attacked twice. This does not seem like a good situation.

The guy in the couple called me - SCREAMING - at me. That this was their cat and it was up to them to decide what to do with her. And that I had totally jumped the gun in finding her another home. I told him it was out of my hands because I'd contacted the shelter already and found her another home, but I would call the shelter again.

And then, he threatened me. He told me that I'd better not call the shelter and if I did he could cause "a lot of trouble for me." He works at the DMV, so actually, he could screw up my life pretty severely.

Seriously, WTF am I supposed to do now? And why does it seem that whenever I try and do something good in the world, like foster animals, that the world craps on me in return.

What makes this worse is that shelter is totally unorganized and the adoption coordinator is completely going to blame me for this situation.