The Night Belongs to Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Everyone, today is Julia Louis-Dreyfus's fifty-first birthday! She starred in The New Adventures of Old Christine and is slated to play the Vice President of the United States in the upcoming show Veep, but her most iconic role is still that of Elaine. And one of Elaine's most memorable scenes is the one above, in which she interviews a gentleman caller to determine whether he's worth using one of her birth control sponges. A milestone in pop-cultural mentions of contraception!

If you're not a Seinfeld fan, you can also party tonight in honor of author Lorrie Moore, in/famous American Idol contestant William Hung, or Maria Anna of Austria, Electress of Bavaria, who was born in 1610 and whose title is pretty sweet. Happy Friday! And be sure to swing by on Sunday night, when we'll have Golden Globes coverage starting at 7 PM ET.

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