Let's raise our glasses/hot pink polka-dotted dresses to Betsey Johnson, who deserves a relaxing birthday this year. The designer filed for bankruptcy in April, but is currently working on a spring dress line; we knew she'd bounce back.

Can we talk about our favorite Betsey Johnson outfits/memories? I have two important Betsey-related anecdotes:

1. When I was in junior high, ALL I WANTED in the world was a Betsey Johnson dress, but my mom wouldn't buy one for me. I finally found one on sale at Loehmann's. It has glittery spaghetti straps and little pink and green neon flowers all over the bodice. I think I still have it.
2. Her bra line rules. They're so well made and last forever! Although a guy who once saw my pink one called it a "Moulin Rouge" bra and I was kind of offended, but I guess it was an apt observation.