The Night Belongs to Betsey Johnson

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Let's raise our glasses/hot pink polka-dotted dresses to Betsey Johnson, who deserves a relaxing birthday this year. The designer filed for bankruptcy in April, but is currently working on a spring dress line; we knew she'd bounce back.


Can we talk about our favorite Betsey Johnson outfits/memories? I have two important Betsey-related anecdotes:

1. When I was in junior high, ALL I WANTED in the world was a Betsey Johnson dress, but my mom wouldn't buy one for me. I finally found one on sale at Loehmann's. It has glittery spaghetti straps and little pink and green neon flowers all over the bodice. I think I still have it.
2. Her bra line rules. They're so well made and last forever! Although a guy who once saw my pink one called it a "Moulin Rouge" bra and I was kind of offended, but I guess it was an apt observation.



Ok. Feminists gather 'round.

I work on a congressional campaign for a Democrat. My broworkers were just arguing vehemently that a pre-abortion counseling session should be mandatory for every woman. I called bullshit, but they (especially my douchey 28 year old manchild field director boss) said that I'm giving people "too much credit." My argument is that any woman who walks into an abortion clinic has ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT IT. She knows what she wants at that point. I can understand the importance of telling a woman she could definitely also consider adoption, but it's ludicrous to think that women haven't considered every option available to them.

Am I giving women "too much credit," or is he not giving women enough credit? Help me Jezebels! No one here will listen to me!