In the game of online dating, you win or you die. At least that's how it goes when you set up an OkCupid profile on the fraught and fragile continent of Westeros, a land where men lose their heads or get stabbed by smokey ghost monsters and women pose as boys or are a little too into family if you catch my incest drift. But don't lose your dragons over it โ€” look hard enough and you can find some really Nice Guys throughout the Seven Kingdoms, just like you can find some really Nice Guys on OkCupid in the real world.

Luckily, if you're a woman who knows her type (House Greyjoy, House Baratheon, House Targaryen, etc.), a new Tumblr is here to help you out. Please raise your banners to welcome Nice Guys of Westeros to the internet. Nice Guys of Westeros will, much like the "Nice Guys" of OkCupid, help you find some totally cool dudes who are sick of being friend-zoned. Knowing you, you'll be all over them until you meet some silent noble type from the House Stark or start hooking up with your blond, handsome twin brother. Bitches.

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