The New York Times's Eric Wilson has penned his greatest words ever. Ever. On previewing the Roberto Cavalli for H&M collection, Wilson writes: "I think the company missed an opportunity by not pushing the deliveries up in time for trick or treat... Mr. Cavalli has boiled down his signature looks for the masses into what you could call the Cavalli DNA. Unfortunately, that would be leopard prints for women and pimp wear for men. Seriously, do you want to own slinky black-on-black leopard print (though still sheer) boxer briefs, even if they're designed by Roberto Cavalli? Looking at a $249 long-haired fake fox bomber with a wide, excessively studded leather belt, there's really not much difference from what you might find under the "street walker" section of the costumes on sale at Ricky's." Bravo, Wilson, bravo! With this you have redeemed yourself for your Gaston reference back in April. [NYT]


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