The New York Times Really Wants You To Love Your Body, Especially If Your Clavicles Could Cut Something

Earlier this week, the New York Times ran a lengthy piece by science writer and leading fat-acceptance campaigner Gina Kolata on how fat people should probably just give up and blame heredity, a piece that included the following sentence:

Obese people, he knew, had huge fat cells, stuffed with glistening yellow fat.

This, naturally, made us love our bodies so much we felt like cutting our love handles open and dissecting ourselves in a petri dish. Well, today's Thursday 'Styles' section went one more empowering! Lest you had been directing all your focus to thighs or muffin top or maybe even getting some goddamn work done, there's a new place on your body that is probably not thin enough: your bones!

Sharply outlined collarbones say "Don't let this tent dress fool you: Underneath it all, this girl can fit into a sample size.""


Seriously, we haven't felt this good about ourselves since that issue of Vogue with Scarlett Johansson on the cover and all those essays by women who hated their bodies for completely different reasons.

The Collarbone's Connected To Slimness [New York Times]

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