The New One Direction Single, as Reviewed by YouTube Commenters

Earlier today, One Direction released "Steal My Girl," the first single off their new album Four. We at Jezebel collectively disliked it, but — recognizing that we are not the target audience for 1D — decided to let their fans defend the song by combining their YouTube comments into a single (incoherent) review.


The following text is a combination of remarks that have all been copied directly from the comment section of "Steal My Girl." Grammar and spelling was corrected only when entirely necessary.


This will be the best album of One Direction. The new sound is way better for them than those bubblegum pop songs in my opinion, its more real I think. Now I'm not gonna lie, I heard it this amazing song yesterday (I COULDN'T RESIST, OKAY?) but hearing it over andover just makes me fall love with it the song all of over again :* I just love everything about this song, it's like amazing, perfect and shows how much they have grown up in the last four years. And omfg when they sing "na na na" well it just kills me, becoz I found these boys at "na na na" <33. I love how they all have their own solo's and yeah its just amazing. I love the lyrics, the tune, their voices are just o_o … haha you get the point. I guess I'm just a little emotional at the moment … although I swear they were realsing the music video tosay? Wasn't that supposed to be the surprise? Or did I just dream that bit? I would also love an acoustic version of this <333 it'd be amazing! And lastly, am I the only who has a weird feeling that maybe this is a larry song? NO HATE!! :)

Is it weird that I feel like they are singing this to us?? THEY SAY "SHES BEEN MY QUEEN SINCE WE WERE SIXTEEN WE WANT THE SAME THINGS WE DREAM THE SAME Dreams" Then "COUPLE BILLION IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD" There are many Directioners who were there since they were sixteen and we all want and dream that they stay together 4ever.And they want to grant our wishes Then when they say "couple billion in the whole wide world" There are many fans around the world COULD THIS BE DEDICATED TO THE FANDOM?! OH GOSH I'M CRYING AND SMILE AT THE SAME TIME. OKAY OKAY I NEED SOME TISSUE AND AIR..... OMG SORRY IF I BOTHER YOU BC MY COMMENT I JUST I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT


i'm litterly crying asdfghjkl !! zayn's high note gives me life LIFE ! So magic! It's fuckin AMAZAYN!!!!!!

I love the boys more than my life and i'm 100% sure this album is gonna slay and i love how this song sounds like the rhythm and the voices but the lyrics are just so empty, they have done better things with lyrics in midnight memories and i really think they should stay in that other line. let's pretend we haven't listen to this before☺ It sounds like "New Found Glory - It's Not Your Fault". The music is a clear rip off. A Frank Ocean wannabe song. Once again. Anyone ever heard of New Found Glory? Search 'it's not your fault', opening completely ripped off... Plagiarism anyone? The autotune, oh my gosh, and another fucking song about girls and love, it smells like flop

WAIT... I'M CONFUSE!!! 1D is my destiny. Thus song is amazing and i'm so proud and happy. no one cares if they might have stole the beginning of a damn song, get over it. It's not a big deal. If your gonna bitch fuck off!!


453 people don't deserve to be here

Just fucking go away you 453 people who dislike this

Final Rating: 11/10


Madeleine Davies

This song was co-written by Louis and Liam, which makes sense because they are the worst ones.