The New Old Navy: Better Than Bitten

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Old Navy wants to be less, well, "old". Which is why the trailer is re-launching and re-imaging itself as a younger and hipper (while still affordable) brand with the debut of something called the "Urban Explorer" line. (Did they not say "safari" because that has weird colonialist connotations?) And while Old Navy president Dawn Robertson stepped down this week — I think she might've left too soon. Because the stuff is actually pretty good. Everything is priced under $40 and is a hell of a lot nicer than anything in Sarah Jessica Parker's debut Bitten line for Steve & Barry's. The safari (sorry, "explorer") theme might have been taken too literally (those pieces displayed after the jump), but there are also basics like tanks and jeans that totally do the trick without breaking the bank. My favorite, though, would have to be the shoes: Must have gladiator sandals for under twenty bucks! Select "Urban Explorer" looks reviewed, after the jump.


Look 1: Belted safari jacket, $39.50; safari shorts, $22.50; scarf, $12.50; clutch, $19.50. Verdict: The scarf looks a little dated styled that way, but go tie it around your wrist and you've got a cute outfit. If you don't fear short shorts, that is.
Look 2: Pullover safari dress, $34.50; bangle bracelet, $9.50. Verdict: Practical and easy — all good things.

Look 1: Cropped safari jacket, $39.50; pencil skirt, $29.50. Verdict: A cute suit for every chickadee.
Look 2: Belted tee dress, $29.50; bangle bracelet, $9.50. Verdict: H&M better watch its back.

Look 1: Belted safari jacket, $39.50; safari shorts, $22.50, bangle bracelet, $9.50. Verdict: I'd wear this on the prowl.
Look 2: Printed top, $19.50; bangle bracelet, $9.50. Verdict: With jeans, why not?


Look 1: Pullover safari dress, $34.50; clutch, $29.50. Verdict: Good for work or play.
Look 2: Safari jumper, $29.50; bangle bracelet, $9.50. Verdict: I'm sorta scared of jumpers, not gonna lie.


L to R: Leather gladiator sandal, $19.50; canvas wedges, $34.50; platform sandals, $34.50. Verdict: Must have gladiator sandals. I'll pass on the wedges though.


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I got a really cute, orange, long-ish, sleeveless shirt dress there last weekend that is really cute too. I say their tanks can't be beat, and SO cheap.