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The New Gatsby Trailer Is All Pensive Leo, Sexified Mulligan, and Insane Parties

Oh, and Jay-Z. High school required reading never looked so good — it's a spectacle worth waiting for! And wait we will, until May 17th, which is almost my birthday, and so you might think about buying me some tickets. I'd like to go somewhere with fancy food before and decadent cocktails afterwards. In return, I'll promise not to (accidentally?) hit you when I'm charlestoning in my seat. Deal?


That said, the costumes look insanely gorgeous, and I'm pretty sure I want to go to any party thrown by Baz Luhrmann. I don't know if it'll be a great movie, but it'll be a vision.

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Madeleine Davies

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. That said, I think it's a requirement for 2012 to use at least one Watch The Throne song in your movie's trailer.