The U.S. Navy is honoring Sally Ride in a particularly appropriate manner: They've named their newest research vessel after the pioneering astronaut. Her life partner, Tam O'Shaughnessy, did the christening.

That's according to Ride, who passed away in 2012, was (of course) the first American woman in space and, ergo, a badass. She worked as a physics professor after leaving NASA, as well as founding Sally Ride Science, which promotes childhood science education. Seems pretty likely she'd be pleased.

"I named the R/V Sally Ride to honor a great researcher, but also to encourage generations of students to continue exploring, discovering, and reaching for the stars," said Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus. It'll be operated by the Scripps Institution; head of ship operation Bruce Appelgate said, "This ship will be remarkably prepared to enable scientists and students to conduct research in physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and climate science."

Spend the rest of your day wistfully imagining your could-have-been-but-never-was career in marine biology.

(h/t The Mary Sue)

Photo via Scripps.