The Myth Of The Traditionalist Latino, Debunked

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According to a new study, "Latinos hold political and social views that are similar to the rest of the population, but on some gender issues, they're evidently more open-minded," including supporting family-friendly workplace policies and women working outside the home.

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Americans have a troubling tendency to lump groups of people together. "Latinos" are a very diverse group of people (although you wouldn't know it from the way they are thought of in this country)—they can be Argentine with Italian last names, for example. They can, like a friend of mine, be 6'4" Uruguayans with white skin and light eyes. Or, like Alexis Bledel, have blue eyes, brown hair, and pale skin. They can also, like my Colombian-American Marine ex, be 6'1" with black hair, black eyes, a killer body, and caramel-colored skin (God, he was yummy).

But I digress. Just as Latinos are diverse physically and ethnically/culturally, they are also diverse when it comes to their political and social views. I don't get what is so difficult to grasp here.