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  • Did Sarah Jessica Parker remove her "famous" mole? You know, the one on her chin? (And while we're at it, did she have, as some claim, a series of subtle nose jobs? [This Is London, Awful Plastic Surgery]
  • Speaking of procedures, what did Katherine Heigl do to her lips? [Awful Plastic Surgery]
  • Natalie Cole has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Her doctor says, "Natalie has had a terrific response to her medication and is now virus negative." She is experiencing side-effects of the drugs, like fatigue, muscle aches and dehydration, but she is doing well. The disease is most likely from her past drug use. [People]
  • Lindsay Lohan has been satisfying her DUI requirements, including a trip to the morgue. She'll have to do an alcohol education class next. Think she'll ace it? [TMZ]
  • Amy Poehler on The Office spinoff? Really? Really? Just as long as she still does Weekend Update. [Reuters]
  • Hayden Panettiere has a new song, "Wake Up Call," which you can listen to here and then let me know if I'm right in thinking the reggae-tinged single is a (not so bad) Gwen Stefani rip off. [PopSugar]
  • Knox Jolie-Pitt was almost named Rex. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Are Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee back to their old ways? Tommy apparently has a "steamy set of photos" of Pam on his phone, and he'll show them to you, if you ask. [Daily Express]
  • Is Colin Farrell's girlfriend pregnant? [Star]
  • The new 90210 premieres September 2. Producer Gabe Sachs says: "It's not the same show, but we get to have the element of such a cool, big hit. It's an honor to do it or to be able to do it. We'd love to have anyone from the old cast that would like to be on it." [LA Times]
  • Gossip Girl gossip! There's a new guy named Marcus, and he's Blair's love interest and Chuck's rival. Although it would be more awesome if he were Chuck's love interest and Blair's rival. [People]
  • Bindi Irwin turns 10 next week. "It's so exciting I can't wait. Double digits means double the fun which is so exciting." Gah. Shut up. []

    Dolly Parton fans: 9 To 5 the musical opens on Broadway in 2009!!! [Reuters]
  • Alex Rodriguez threw a party and none of his teammates showed up. [Page Six]
  • Whoa. Derek Jeter is dating Minka Kelly? Who used to hook up with John Mayer? Does Minka know about the herpes tree? [Page Six]
  • Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, Reggie Bush, wants her to "work out hard." Oy. [Page Six]
  • Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are into preservation of their New York City neighborhood, but is it at the expense of a hospital that could save lives? [Page Six]
  • Nicole Kidman claims she doesn't want to sell pictures of her daughter, but an editor at a celeb weekly says: "She wanted $3 million and we weren't going to pay that." [Page Six]
  • Haha, this paper counts all the ways that Paris Hilton is a liar. Although lying to Page Six is sort of par for the course for any celeb, no? [Page Six]
  • Has Paris given up booze and drugs because she wants to have a baby? [The Sun]
  • Chris Martin was stopped on his way to a party at the Beverly Hills hotel on Saturday and asked if he was on the list. "A goon at the elevator wouldn't let him up," a source reports. "Everyone's like, 'This is the lead singer of Coldplay.' The goon wasn't rude, but he just asked him if he was on the list." This is how the rifraff lives, Chris. [E!]
  • "I still very much love her. I do. I can't lie to you." — Al Reynolds on Star Jones. [Yahoo News]
  • Brian Bonsall, who played Andy Keaton on Family Ties, is facing jail time after violating his probation. He pleaded guilty last year to 3rd degree assault in a domestic violence situation. And his mug shot makes him look like Eddie Munster. [TMZ]
  • Michael Bay told Megan Fox to gain 10 lbs. for Transformers. "Michael doesn't like skinny girls," Megan says. Does this mean she is not skinny? Because WTF. [The Superficial]
  • Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page: Arrested for cocaine possession. [TMZ]
  • Eva Longoria's short hair cut and "fuller figure" are script-related changes for Desperate Housewives. (One fan commented on this story: "Thank God that she didn't cut the hair because she actually likes it that way!!! Her hair was soooo beautiful and now she looks so different.") [People]
  • Menudo band member Carlos Olivero, 18, was kicked off of a Delta flight for "having an attitude." Kid, you're not the hot shit you think you are. Put your iPod away. [People]
  • Michael J. Fox will guest star on FX's Rescue Me. [USA Today]
  • The screenwriter for the Passion Of The Christ is suing Mel Gibson, claiming he was underpaid. Apparently Gibson didn't want to make money off of the movie because he considered the film "a personal gift to his faith." Jesus. [Yahoo News]
  • "No Robin. Not ever." —Christian Bale on the future of Batman. [Rush & Molloy]
  • "We are so proud of our boy." —Heath Ledger's father, after seeing The Dark Knight. [People]
  • "I feel like I have no privacy. Just because people are seeing something that was meant to be between me and her. That's the biggest reason that I'm, you know, trying to stop the tape from being released. I broke up with her in the middle of June; it was something probably to do with that. It was basically when she decided to give the tape away." — Verne Troyer on his sex tape. [E!]

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