The MTV Video Music Awards: Britney Spears' Outfit Wasn't The Worst Of It

Anyone who saw the MTV Video Music Awards last night knows that they ran heavy on bad and ugly and that very little good was anywhere to be seen. After the jump the best and worst fashions seen at last night's show, plus, a new category: the stupid!


The Good: Rihanna looks hot, even dressed like Barbie; Kim Stolz reminds us why she was maybe our favorite Top Model contestant ever; and Mary J. Blige could teach poor Britney Spears a thing or two on how to be sophisticated and maintain your street cred.

The Bad: Paris Hilton looks weirdly middle-aged; Nelly Furtado is unrecognizable; and Pam Anderson, well, looks like Pam Anderson.


The Ugly: Shanna Moakler's hair puts fear into our hearts; Lil' Mama gave us nightmares; and Kat Von D is to blame, we're sure, for the migraine we've come down with this morning.


And in a new special category, The Stupid: Ah, Miss South Carolina Teen USA. She might have great cleavage, but she doesn't know the difference between The Iraq and The South Africa.

[Images via Filmmagic]

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