'The Most Revolting Dish Ever Devised'

A new cache of food legend Elizabeth David's private notes has brought to light her candidate for this dubious honor - and challenged us to find even worse.

Reports the Guardian, "'Italian salad p50. Sounds just about the most revolting dish ever devised.' It was found folded inside Ulster Fare, published in 1945 by the Belfast Women's Institute Club, which David bought secondhand in 1974."



Italian salad
1 pint cold cooked macaroni
½ pint cooked or tinned pears
½ pint grated raw carrot
French dressing to moisten
2 heaped tablespoons minced onion
½ pint cooked or minced string beans

Mix the chopped macaroni and vegetables; moisten with French dressing, flavouring with garlic if liked. Serve on a dish lined with lettuce leaves. Decorate with mayonnaise and minced pimento or chives.

Of course, it can get a lot worse than a pear-accented macaroni salad. Here are a few delights to whet your appetites - click at your own risk.


Corned Beef Jello Salad


TicTac™ Pie


Tuna Delight Salad


Tuna Twinkie Soufflé

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