The most popular baby names of 2007 have been announced, and, strangely, it seems that the child-spawning public has taken to paying homage to Will & Grace: Jack is the most popular moniker for boys, Grace for girls. More exciting, though, are the least popular names: "Dior, Diezel, T, Lord, Denim, and Lamar appeared in the "five children or less" category for baby boys. For girls, just five were called Chanell, Queen, Cleopatra, Bailey-Rae, or Genesis." And now we start praying that Jaime-Lynn names her little fetus Denim Dior Genesis Spears. Please. [Times of London]


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I think there was a case recently about an Italian court telling these two parents they couldn't name their kid "Friday" b/c he'd be humiliated.

On the one hand, I can see how that can become a little too Big Brother, but honestly, I wish they had more of that in the U.S. ALOT more.

Giving a kid a name that any asshole can figure out will keep them from getting a mainstream job/staying alive in the dog-eat-dog impulsively mean world of elementary, middle school, high school, probably even college....that's mild child abuse, as far as I'm concerned.

Not to mention an occasional exercise in blatant parental (idiotic) narcissism. What you name your kid is the first judgment/reflection you pass on them on they have no control over the situation...."Scout" as a name I can take, but something like Apple...or Genesis....or Dior....

Jesus. No offense to anyone who knows a nice family who uses those names.