The Most Disgusting Discussion Ever On Oprah

You know how Oprah tends to take it there, no matter what the topic? Like, she when she's discussing something, she goes all the way with it, not really for sensationalism's sake, but because she has a genuine, obsessive interest in the things she tends to discuss. One of those things is poop. Seriously, it's like Dr. Mehmet Oz isn't really an M.D., but a shit technician, since she has him discussing bowel movements so often. Today was a rerun of one of those illuminating "Ask Dr. Oz" episodes, in which he discussed something called pinworm that sounds so horrifying that he really should have told us sitting around a campfire while holding a flashlight under his chin. Enjoy!



okay, i'm adding a gross story, skip if you're queasy.

had 'em when i was a kid too, also a dirt player. They said (to me anyone) that they're fairly common. Just really itchy, took some meds or something and they went away. But I didn't know why I was itchy, and then one day I saw them in my poop when i wiped and it freaked me the HELL out. when you are 9 you do not know what that is or where it comes from or if you are going to die but it is in your poop and it is alive and it is moving. I am not going to watch a video and relive that nightmare. But any time my butt itches I get nervous that I never really got rid of 'em. I probably look at my poop a lot more than most people because of it.