The Most Courageous Coming Out Speech You'll See This Year

Kayla is a senior at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa, California. Last week, during an all-school assembly on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Kayla came out as a lesbian to her peers. Here is her courageous, inspiring speech.



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I am calm, but thanks

I am happy that this young lady came out and tried to make a statement. However, these sort of "big deal" coming out things reinforce the untrue notion that gay people are in the closet, then they come out, then they are out. It isn't so simple.

Everytime you move to a new city, go to a job interivew, take a new job, even move to a new dept. at the same company, meet someone new in your business or personal life you are faced with the dilemna of how to present yourself to the world and what the consequences could be.

The real bravery comes from those people who choose to live their live in the open all the time and therefore "come out" over and over and over again in a 1,00o little ways. Sometimes with terrible results, sometimes excellent results, sometimes neutral results.

It is a process and it is kind of boring and mundane, but never as simple as just saying "I'm gay". I wish more straight people understoond this.