The Mona Lisa's smile is now a little less enigmatic. A German academic claims that he has definitive proof as to the identity of the model for da Vinci's famous painting, who he believes is Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy Florentine merchant. The researcher found notes in the margins of a book, dated 1503, detailing Gheradini as the portrait-sitter. In response to this, we smile, albeit coyly. [UPI]


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MehBlahPfft I agree with the overrated element. It's good. Great even. Compare it to other paintings of the age to better see what's going on with her and why she is so beloved. STILL: better happened in the era, better came after it.

And here's the thing: we'll never know WHY she's smiling like that. We can only talk about what kind of smile it is. Though, if we're just throwing theories out there, here's one: she farted a really quiet fart and is watching everyone else blame one another.