The Miseducation Of Adrianne Curry

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Adrianne Curry, winner of the America's Next Top Model cycle one — who later went on to marry Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) — has decided to boycott BET and Black History Month and felt the need to tell us all about it via her Myspace blog. Apparently, Adrianne thinks that having a channel or a month dedicated to one race is racist. The best thing we can say about the whole entry is that most of the grammar and spelling is correct. However, her facts and grasp on race relations leaves much to be desired:

I am over this shit. WE ALL CAME FROM ONE BLACK WOMAN FROM AFRICA, THAT is our EVE! It has been proven by science, and I stand by it. If any other race had a channel dedicated to just them, we would think it was racist. If any other race demanded a month be set aside for ONLY them, they would be considered racist. I am NOT living by this double standard any longer.

Interestingly, there are about 1300 comments in response to her blog entry, many of which are in agreement with her and her stance on how there is only one race — the human race, which Adrianne also weighs in on:

I hope one day aliens land and try to kill us. Maybe THEN we would finally realize that WE are ONE.


But wait, it gets worse:

Yes, I get it. Black people were slaves here once. You know what? That does suck some major balls, however, it is time to move the fuck on.

Oh, and Adrianne also goes on to say that she is definitely not racist because she dated an African-American when she was in junior high, a boy who was the "blackest of the black," whatever the fuck that means.

I was called a nigger lover. But you know what? I was called that by a whole 2 people out of a school with HUNDREDS of students. THAT is why I am NOT buying this racist shit anymore.


MY Boycott Against BET And Black History Month [MySpace via Sandra Rose]

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I read all of her comments and I was disturbed on every level.

The really sad part is that MORE Americans feel that way. But I feel pity on their minds, because clearly it is IGNORANCE that drives them.

Do black people whine that there are YESHIVAS, Greek schools, Italian Schools, Muslim Schools, Christians schools, Armenian schools?

There is Chinatown, a little Italy, we even have a celebration for STEALING the Indians land.. There is Asian Heritage Months, Hispanic Heritage Month..

I have fucking 50 Spanish channels (even HBO in Espanol, and 100 Novellas), Korean, Russian, Hindi, Arabic and about 20 other channels from around the world.

There is Saint Patrick's day and even a day for the DISGUSTING lowlife STD toting Christopher Columbus who came here and slaughtered the Natives with his goons, and he is written in history as a fucking hero and as the person who "discovered" America.

Ummm.. How can you discover a place that already has inhabitants?? Not to mention the fact that others have traveled the Americas long before he did..

Adrienne Curry even mentioned that Jews don't complain. JEWS don't have to (The Caucasian ones that is).. Judaism is a religion and they can CHOOSE to make their faith KNOWLEDGE! Can a black person do the same?

Adrienne Curry and her minions just made me realize just how IGNORANT many American folks really are. You can slap them in the face with the truth, yet it wouldn't make a difference..

I hope this dirt crawling slut is reading this..

Dear Ms. Curry,

Yes, slavery sucked balls! But I came from the Caribbean slave colonies.. My grandfather died at 85 and he told us stories of how they suffered after slavery because of racism. He also told us of his family's stories of women being beaten just because, women being raped because it was OK, men being beaten and not being able to do anything about it.

I know as a white person it doesn't make sense. I don't expect you to understand.

But if there is no black History month, my grandfather's stories would be lost. No one will ever know who Elijah McCoy was or Frederick Douglas!

No one would remember Walter White and how he passed so he could report to the NAACP about Lynchings. No one would remember the people that were thrown overboard because they did not comply, they were being thought a lesson or they just committed suicide.

If Black people were allowed to be anything other than killers on TV there would have been no need for BET!

I dare you fugly arse to come and trade places for a day!! And I dare you to stay silent day in and day out while people refer to your group as worthless and never amount to anything. Or how about when people say you are different?

And since you care so much about Americans, have you bothered to look into why 6 black teenagers were charged with Attempted murder while the white kids were suspended? Or why in the state of Louisiana over 80% of the youths in detention centers are African American/Black?

Or explain to me why cops always seem to be mistaken when killing black males?

And since I never had a "whitest of white boyfriend", I guess one can infer that I am a racist - we know that only white people with black friends aren't..

Do us black folks a favor and go back to what you do best: sucking!!

Try worrying about the other things that affect America: Like RACISM (I am talking to you bitch), Sexism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Immigration, Healthcare, HORRIFIC education system, obesity, the WAR that is killing POOR boys and girls, Hypocrisy, global warming, The fact that we are doing business with COMMUNIST China and shun Communist Cuba..

One last note, of all the things on BET to bother you it was the "BLACK"? You weren't bothered by some of the ghetto fabulous shows, the naked women at night? That didn't affect you? I guess we are included as "Americans" when we act like coons with no education and stay in our place!

Ignorant rants are what happen when the paychecks and the 15 minutes of fame run out! Go have a friggin play-date with KKKRAMER and IMUS, you can compare notes. I am sure between y'all you will be lynching the blackest of black nappy headed ho!!