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The Men Who Secretly Film Women Breast Pumping at Work

Illustration for article titled The Men Who Secretly Film Women Breast Pumping at Work

Today's entry into the Oxford Encyclopedia of What the Everloving Fuck: men who secretly tape women pumping their breast milk at work. But they're not using the videos as instruction manuals for their lactating wives; they're using it as visual accompaniment to a vigorous Oedipal dick chafing session.

As with any sort of perverted fuckery, if you can dream it, chances are, someone else has done it (or made a porn of it), and the secret taping of breast pumping in order to achieve sexual arousal is no exception. Let's start with the most recent case, that of Pennsylvanian John Bednarik II, an employee of DeSales University, who apparently hid a camera in the ceiling of the office of one of his lactating female colleagues so that he could film her pumping and then jerk off.

The employee says she discovered Bednarik's peeping tomism when she heard a noise and discovered a hole in the ceiling of her office. And the rest is skin crawlingly gross history. Bednarik was charged with one count of misdemeanor invasion of privacy and has a court date at the end of the month.


Curious about whether this horrifying story was an isolated incident or something more widespread, Mommyish did a little investigating and found that Bednarik is far from the only guy to ever secretly film female employees expressing milk. In Taiwan, a man filmed five female coworkers with a camera hidden in his school's breast pumping room. And a few years ago in Michigan, another case of a creep taping a female coworker pumping her breasts. It's happening all over the world! It's A Thing!

Well, not quite. It would be a little sensationalist to say that this is a "trend," but it's fair to say that the fact that more than one person has done this is "unbelievably fucked up." What possible appeal could watching a woman pull her boob out and attach it to a machine hold for men? Is this the product of a weird subculture of Buster Bluth-type mommy obsessed mini-Oedipuses? Or are these men so starved for the sight of a human breast that they feel the need to resort to spying? Has anyone told these men about the internet? There are literally tens of thousands of results if you search for some combination of the words "breast pumping," "sexy," and "hot," because the world is apparently full of incurable weirdos who want to watch tit pumping porn.


Breasts are multipurpose organs, and it's upsetting to think that some men believe that everything boobs do is meant to arousing them — breastfeeding isn't for babies; it's for my dick! Like women's clothing, women's hairstyles, women's speech patterns, women's bodies. The female species is a penis playground, there for dude's amusement and ejaculation!

But I suspect that the sort of guy who gets off on secretly filming women expressing breast milk is the same sort of guy who gets off on knowing that the woman involved didn't know about or consent to the filming — they find doing to women what women don't want done to them is in itself a turn on. And that's the most fucked up thought of all.



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This seems like upskirt photography, ie. something that the men who do it enjoy because they know that they're violating the privacy of the women they're doing it to, and they get a kick out of that. It's not about boobs, or even lactation - if they just wanted videos of women's boobs expressing milk they could find that online fairly easily.

The issue here isn't "why are some people into weird shit?", because people can be into weird shit without violating others. It's "why do some people, most of them men, get off on violating other people, mostly women, so much?".