The 'Mastermind' Behind Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery Wrote Her an Apology Letter

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TMZ reports Thursday that Aomar Ait Khedache, the “mastermind” behind last year’s now-infamous Paris robbery of Kim Kardashian (during which she was tied up and feared for her life), sent the reality star and wannabe makeup mogul a handwritten apology letter. It reads:

I’m sorry I robbed you.

Don’t hate me.

Just kidding, it actually reads:

“After observing your emotion and realizing the psychological damages I inflicted...I decided to write to you, not to obtain from you some sort of indulgence. I want to come to you as a human being to tell you how much I regret my gesture, how much I have been moved and touched to see you in tears.”


Kim reportedly “found his words hollow, and thinks Khedache’s only trying to appear remorseful before trial.” You can read more snippets from the empty gesture over at TMZ, or watch “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice” over on HBO Now.


NBC is mad at Debra Messing for saying some less than kind words about her appearance on my favorite show on Monday morning. Those words, in case you missed them, were in response to an Instagram follower who left a comment on one of Messing’s posts asking why she agreed to appear on Kelly’s show. “Honestly I didn’t know it was MK until that morning,” she wrote. “The itinerary just said Today Show appearance. Regret going on. Dismayed by her comments.”

Presumably furious that she would dare bash another network property in a public forum, NBC reportedly told Messing to “cut it out.” Writes Page Six:

Messing got a stern warning...One exec told us, “Debra was told to cut it out by someone high up in the NBC Entertainment division run by Bob Greenblatt, via her agent or publicist.”


Will & Grace: The Reboot premieres tonight on NBC. It will be better than Megyn Kelly Today.

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Justin Bieber: funny guy.

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