The Marrying Kind

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Anita Loos knew her stuff. Her two big novels? Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and But They Marry Brunettes have apparently been found true. Sure enough, while men might want to date blonde bombshells, a new study reports that 52% would rather marry a dark-haired woman because they're more "dependable and sensible." Only 18% think blondes would make "good wives" because, presumably, these same guys think they're frivolous bimbos. Of course, we already knew that billionaires tend to favor dark hair in partners, but who knew brunettes had such a unilateral matrimonial leg up? Somewhere, Dorothy Shaw is laughing. [Daily Express]


Why do redheads never seem to get a mention in these study, should I conclude it falls under dark hair?

It would be interesting to eventually know how much genes play into personality. It is the same way the gene that causes red hair is apparently linked with a gene that changes how pain is dealt with. Maybe, to some degree, the gene for blonde hair is also closely linked to some gene that predisposes a person for more fun but flighty behavior and that is how the stereotype came about.

*sigh* I think the human race will die before we ever really figure out everything about ourselves. I know at least I will be dead by then, which is a shame because it is so fascinating. I would totally freeze myself if I could guarantee being woken up later and getting to know all the answers.