This is it folks. Just one wanton warrior from Team Sex and one sweet soldier from Team Chocolate remain. Today, they enter the arena for the Showcase Showdown. There can only be one winner, folks, so you have to choose: Will it be Sex or Chocolate?

Looking back on the last couple of weeks, we've learned a lot. We've learned that hardly anyone likes Gelt. We've discovered that a lot of you think that 69 is overrated. And we now know that while there are those who enjoy white chocolate, they are definitely outnumbered by those who like dark chocolate.

When we first started the tournament, it was obvious that Oral Sex was a force to be reckoned with. The number one seed in the Sex Conference made it to the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight, but Oral was no match for Missionary in the battle for the Final Four, and when Oral lost, well, that sucked. Now Missionary must be the ambassador for Team Sex.


As far as Team Chocolate goes, I had a feeling Brownies could go all the way. A special shout-out goes to Frosting, The Atlantic's Cinderalla pick, for doing better than expected. But Brownies will represent for the Chocolate Conference.

That's right, folks. The final battle is Missionary vs. Brownies. Sex vs. Chocolate. The winner of this match will have bragging rights and prove, once and for all, which is more desirable. Which is the better companion on a cold, dark night. Which pleasure is the best pleasure of them all?