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The Look Of Love

Illustration for article titled The Look Of Love

Can you look at someone's face and tell if he's looking for long-term love? Researchers at Durham University think so. In a study about attractiveness — and what men and women are attracted to, scientists created these digital images. One guy pictured wants a serious girlfriend; the other guy wants a quick shag. Think you can guess which is which? (Click the picture to see the answer.) [The Sun]

Illustration for article titled The Look Of Love

The digitally created gentleman on the right is looking for a good time; the gentleman on the left wants to fall in love and settle down with a nice girl. (According to researchers. Please remember neither dude is real.)

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Montauk Monster

The one on the right looks a bit fratty to me, while lefty seems like a bit of a wrong 'un. Ain't no reseacher gonna tell me who to use!