The latest (unnecessary) cosmetic surgery procedure that is sure to take the Western world by storm? Getting your hands de-veined. Right now, the "experimental" treatment is only being done in England. (Whaddya wanna bet that Madonna already made her appointment?) Shrimp should be de-veined. Not hands. And also shouldn't the English prioritize fixing their teeth first? [Daily Mail]


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Speaking as a particularly vein-ous handed person, I find this totally sick. Every woman on my mother's side (and her brothers for that matter), we all have hands like that (and feet, too). The older you get, the more pronounced they are (and they are naturally occuring, not some hyper-exercise-induced thing). And they are fucking cool! It's like wearing your life's journey on your hands or something. And, I have to be honest, I find it interesting that this article appears on this site, as this is a place I've noticed that people tend to snark heavily on the veinynous of women.