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The latest must-have for the terminally busy and frivolous is a baby planner. According to ABC, moms like hospital administrator Jennifer Rein hire companies like inBloom Baby Planners to "help set up her baby registry and nursery, arrange private CPR classes for Rein and her husband, do product research to make sure her babies' new toys are safe from things like lead. And, last but not least, the company will help Rein find the right baby nurse and nanny." Curiously, the inBloom website does not offer its pricing system. [ABC News]


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@Sophie: 1st off, where did I blame the mom? Second off, I think not MAKING the time to these things is somewhat indicative of a person putting off parenting to the LAST possible second. THIRD, planning these little things are the steps to prepare you for the big things. It's a transition. My boss once described planning a wedding, for example, as "marriage bootcamp", because in that process, you're going to come up against a lot of the issues that will come up in the course of your marriage. The bland minutia of planning for a baby— yeah, it doesn't go away after the baby is THERE. In fact, it INTENSIFIES.

In the longrun, I think these parents are doing themselves a disservice by not doing the gruntwork themselves.