The latest issue of Vanity Fair contains a story on Pete Wentz, KFed, Steve Aoki and assorted other members of the Hollywood himbo sneaker collector scene in which the following sentence appears: "Al Gore may have been onto something in his new best-seller, The Assault On Reason, when he diagnosed America's fascination with the antics of a group of B.F.F.'s and sometimes frenemies, 'Britney and KFed, and Lindsay and Paris and Nicole," as nothing less than a 'serial obsession.'" Um, so the word "KFed" appears in Al Gore's most recent book? We eagerly consulted the book's Amazon viewer, and no mentions showed up. Of course, "Abu Ghraib" didn't yield any references either, so we're appealing to you. Has anyone read this book? Did Al Gore have a bone to pick with the celebrity media before it turned his upstanding young son into an eco-friendlier male Lohan?


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