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The Last Word

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Former Jezebel editor Moe Tkacik has written a rebuttal of sorts to Linda Hirshman's Double X piece from the other week - she also takes on Lizz Winstead, and, to a degree, others. You can check it out here... and here. [XX, Tumblr]


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I really feel that Moe, Tracy and Megan put themselves out there in large part to help women work through certain sex-related shame issues (in as much as rape can be considered sex-related). They were really brave about it and often very smart about it. Sure they are human and not infallible, but I respect them all a lot. Linda Hershman and Lizz Winstead on the other hand really showed their true, unfortunate colours when they turned on them. It is going to take a lot for me not to consider these women untrustworthy vipers who just go after the lowest common denominator.