The Kids Are Alright, And They Want You To "Vote However You Like"

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When this election is FINALLY over, we'll all look back fondly on the hilarity that ensued, thanks to professionals such as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. But one of the best election-related videos out there right now isn't a professional presentation at all, but rather the work of some informed and amazing kids, who want you to know that you can "vote however you like." Using the tune of T.I.'s hit "Whatever You Like," students from the Ron Clark Academy (with the help of some creative and awesome teachers, I'm sure) designed their own ode to the importance of voting, coming up with a genius video that is both brilliant and adorable. Clip after the jump.

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This makes me want to see a sequel to the Ron Clark Story movie that they had on TNT.......and it makes me so happy that there are people who educate kids like this!!!

It also makes me cry a little cuz of hormonal fluctuations..