The Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel Wedding Is Imminent

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got engaged back in December, but for a while it seemed like maybe a wedding was never going to happen. First, there was the mystery of the missing engagement ring, no sign of Jessica at Justin's birthday party, and then the reported haggling over a prenuptial agreement. But it looks like that's all behind them, because they've apparently set a wedding date—and now it all feels like it's all moving so fast!

One of those miraculous insiders who knows everything has revealed that JT and JB are planning to wed this summer. No word on the exact date, but that could mean as soon as June. So we really need to start picking out the outfits we're going to wear. Oh, whoops, it looks like they're getting married on "a private estate," so maybe we won't be able to wedding crash after all. Well, we may not know when or where it's happening, but we do know that the future Mrs. Timberlake has her eye on a dress from Monique Lhullier. Do you think they'll do their first dance to an 'N Sync song? Or maybe that "I'm Lovin' It" song he did for McDonald's? And the most important question of all: will his fellow Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling be at this wedding? [Us]


Speaking of A-list weddings, there's been a lot of construction going on at Miraval, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's French estate. People were speculating that they were building a wedding chapel and a reception hall so that they could have a massive wedding there. But it turns out they're actually building a "very modern office space." Oh, boring. But it does make sense. It's too bad. The idea of them building a wedding chapel and reception hall for use on one single day is sort of hilarious. Like four years from now, they'd just be walking around the estate and be like, "There's our useless wedding chapel." Alas, that will never come to pass. [Us]


Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham were hanging out a party the other night, and they got a little goofy. The result? Eva tweeted out this picture of Victoria grabbing her boobs, or as Eva put it "supporting me." It's strangely enjoyable, and honestly the most appealing thing about it is that Victoria Beckham looks mischievous instead of wearing her usual stony cold glare of misery. [E!]


Oof. Madonna is used to getting everything she wants, but the tide might be turning. Apparently while she was in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, she asked to be introduced to New England Patriot's New York Giant's player Victor Cruz, but it never materialized. Did he diss the Queenmother of Pop? Unclear. Her rep said she was reaching out to him "for professional reasons." She didn't want to meet him, she just "needed footage of him doing his salsa dance." Uh huh. That's what they all say. Oh well, she'll have to find comfort in the arms of her 25-year-old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat. [Us]


Jon Hamm has just reiterated that he and his longtime lady Jennifer Westfeldt are not planning on having children anytime soon. Fair enough. But it's too bad we'll be denied the sight of little mini Hamms. They'd probably be born wearing perfectly tailored suits and would never cry as babies. They'd just look stoically into the middle distance when their diapers needed to be changed. [E!]

  • It feels like we went from constantly talking about Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart to never talking about them. They could have broken up, and we probably wouldn't have even noticed... But fortunately they didn't. We know that because they were spotted touching each other this past weekend at a party in LA. Thank God, love is not dead after all. [x17]

    Oh, snap! Tom Selleck is dissing Uggie, dog star of The Artist, saying he's not as good as Joe the Golden Retriever from Selleck's show Jesse Stone. Selleck said of his canine costar,

    I think Joe is the finest dog actor in the history of show business. [Uggie] does cute stuff. Joe doesn't do cutesy stuff. He, in the audience's mind, is another person. He's Jesse's roommate, and he thinks like a human. That's hard to do.

    Looks like we've got a cat, er, dogfight on our hands. [E!]

    Color us excited: The nail polish company Julep has released a special Oscar collection. It has seven colors dedicated to actresses who were nominated for the award. For instance, Viola Davis inspired the cleverly-named shade Viola, which is a deep purple. Also on the list: Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Rachel Weiss, Marisa Tomei, Elizabeth Olsen, and Oscar himself, who obviously gets a sparkly gold shade. [Ebony]

    Paula Abdul is selling her LA giant mansion for a mere $1.9 million, if you're in the market. But beware: it might be cursed, or at least the driveway might be. An American Idol contestant killed himself by OD'ing while sitting in a car there, and a woman fell in the driveway five years ago during the filming of Hey Paula. Abdul just had to pay the woman a $900,000 settlement. So, proceed with caution. [E!]

    The reason Seal was so open in talking about his split from Heidi Klum was that he felt like he owed it to us because they'd been so public about their relationship. Aww, thanks for thinking of us, Seal. You've now given us more than enough insight into your personal life. So feel free to go back to just singing. [OMG!]

    Congratulations are in order for Michelle Williams. She's been named the "first honorary Irishwoman" which is a very confusing honor handed out at the annual Oscar Wilde: Honoring the Irish in Film event. At least if she doesn't win an Oscar this weekend, she's got this to fall back on. [E!]

    Oh, look, it's the delicious Zachary Quinto and the delightful Benedict Cumberbatch in a photo together. They're filming the second Star Trek movie, and it looks like they're having fun Okay, fine, it's Friday, let's do this again: Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch. Never gets old. [Crushable]

    Judy Blume's 1981 classic Tiger Eyes is finally being made into a movie. Judy and her son Lawrence Blume wrote the screenplay together, and he's directing it. Willa Holland will play the main character, Davey. Exciting! [EW]

    This will not come as a surprise to anyone who watches 19 Kids and Counting, but Josh Duggar has some very unappealing conservative political thoughts which he likes to share on Twitter. [ONTD]

    Mick Jones, the guitarist for Foreigner, is in the hospital recovering from bypass surgery. His prognosis is said to be good. [Daily Express]

    Teen Mom's Amber Portwood just got out of jail. She's been there since December, and she'll now go live with her grandparents. She's still going to be required to complete rehab at some point. [E!]

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