The Beatles wrote a song about Anna, Rilo Kiley wrote a song about Jenny, and, er... the Fountains of Wayne wrote a song about Maureen (which would be the unabridged version of "Moe") but a lot more songs have been written about Jezebel, which is one of the things that initially made us, er, a bit skeptical of the name (ahem, Natalie Merchant!) But eventually, as with many things about words synonymous with "whore" and "slut", all the musical inspiration began to facilitate the process by which "Jezebel" grew on us, er, Jezebelles.

There is the Dizzee Rascal song, a decent if somewhat depressing ong you can dance to, and the Iron & Wine sleeper, which we generally find more ideal for the consumption of fair-trade coffee and Odwalla beverages. The Natalie Merchant track, stripped of all the gross Merchant baggage, is pretty depressing, while the Joan Jett song is suitably perky. By far our favorite all-around "Jezebel" (though not, necessarily, the office's) is the Reverend Horton Heat cover of the Frankie Laine classic (and by "classic" we mean "song whose actual original performer no one generally knows") but there is really only one "Jezebel" suitable for sex, at least at the pace you sluts like it. Anyway, here it is. We'd do like Idolator and try to get you the songs for free, but we are really stupid about technology. Because, you know, we're GIRLS.

The Jezebel Imix