The Jersey Shore Cast Officially On Board For Season 2; Bradley's Not Engaged To Renee

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  • Get ready for another summer of fist-pumping and GTL: the entire cast of MTV's Jersey Shore has signed on for a second season, though this time the crew will be headed to "a new destination." [MTV]
  • Bradley Cooper says the rumors that he's bought an engagement ring for girlfriend Renee Zellweger are "totally not true." [Extra]
  • Jessica Alba has signed herself and her daughter, Honor, up for Spanish lessons, as she wants to take on more Spanish-speaking roles and was devastated when her inability to speak Spanish led some to question her heritage early in her career: "I didn't want to misrepresent Latinos and I didn't know how to defend myself. But I went to my room and I cried all night. Since then, I've preferred not to comment on the subject," she says, "I tried to explain to them that, in this country (America), I'm considered Latina and, thus, I consider myself Latina as well. I grew up eating enchiladas... I identify with Mexicans. It's in my blood whether or not I speak Spanish." [DailyExpress]
  • Alicia Silverstone says she doesn't mind people continually associating her with Clueless: "It's actually really pleasant. This is really weird: I was getting waxed, and the woman doing it was in her 30s. She said Clueless was her favorite movie of all time, and she had just introduced it to her ten-year-old daughter, who now loves it. It's kind of sweet that there's this generation now sharing it with their kids - like how my mom and I were watching Thorn Birds together." [NYMag]
  • Nicole Richie tells Marie Claire that she never had an eating disorder, despite the tabloid stories that claimed otherwise after she lost a dramatic amount of weight a few years back: ""I felt it was a little unfair to say someone has an eating disorder when they don't. It's extremely insulting and irresponsible. An eating disorder is serious and it's a disease." [NYDN]
  • Pete Doherty reportedly went on a 24-hour-bender after being freed from court and learning of his ex-girlfriend's death by heroin overdose: "Pete was laughing and joking with everyone. It felt like a celebration party. All he cared about was walking free from court again," says a source, "He never mentioned her once. It made me feel sick. Robin's death obviously meant nothing to him. She is being treated by Pete like she didn't exist." [TheSun]
  • "I want to make out with the fat guy from 'The Hangover' [Zach Galifianakis]. He's amazing . . . I like big, fat guys with beards that wear thick glasses."-Ke$ha [PageSix]
  • Brittany Murphy was reportedly being treated for severe anemia in the months leading up to her death. [TMZ]
  • Michael Douglas is being sued by a former business partner "for breach of contract and fraud and deceit." [RadarOnline]
  • Meanwhile, Douglas had to bail his son, Cameron out in federal court yesterday after the younger Douglas pled guilty to drug-trafficking charges. [PageSix]
  • Chace Crawford's new film, Twelve, was apparently laughed at during a screening at Sundance and acquired for a "piddling $2 million," leaving PageSix to wonder if it will end up being a flop. [PageSix]
  • "There are loads of talented, good-looking girls who can sing and dance in the charts but there is only one Susan Boyle. I have never seen anything like her." -Kanye West [TheSun]
  • Michael Jackson's children, Prince and Paris, are allegedly preparing an acceptance speech on their father's behalf to give at tonight's Special Merit Awards, where Jackson will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Grammy. [TMZ]
  • Despite Robert Redford's condemnation of both "ambush marketers" and Paris Hilton at the Sundance Film Festival a few days ago, Hilton was spotted in Sundance gifting suite, loading up on free swag, noting: "So many people use my name as an example for everything, good and bad. I can't get too upset about it." [NYMag]
  • Just in case you were wondering, Gisele Bundchen gave birth in the bathtub. [ShowbizSpy]
  • Ginnifer Goodwin says that veganism just sort of came to her one day: "For most of my life I naively lived on cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets; a family dinner always meant steak. Then one day a year and a half ago, it hit me over the head while I was making a hearty breakfast that it wasn't, in the grand scheme of earthly things, intended for me." [JustJared]
  • Parks and Recreation has been renewed for a third season. [EW]
  • Tila Tequila claims The Game is the father of her child and says ""Just wait nine months for my paternity test. I'm not worried about it. Game has nine months to live out all of his fun lies. Live it up baby!" [RadarOnline]
  • "I've seen both sides. I've had people in stores drop everything to help me, but then I've also been with the big movie star where I'm the one in the background that nobody gives a damn about. I was a waitress and a bartender and a coat-check girl, and I am grateful every day to be doing what I love, so I get furious when I hear about actors being precious. We're not curing Aids, and we're all lucky to be working - so be polite and be professional." -Julianna Margulies [TimesOnline]



I think Jessica Alba really tries to make things right when it comes to how she is represented in regards to race but either has a terrible case of foot in mouth or a devil may care attitude when it comes to choosing her words. As a Latina myself, it's painful to hear things like "I grew up eating enchilladas" (so therefore I MUST be Mexican). It's not that I think she personally has pride issues, I just think that the ideas she uses in an effort to defend herself reiterate the same stereotypes that make it an issue in the first place. Even if you'd never had an enchillada in all of your life,you would still be a beautiful Mexican woman. Hell, you could own a f-ing enchillada factory and be German, Greek, African American, etc. etc...