Last night's premiere of The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty was pretty boring, as any Jackson family entertainment excluding Michael and Janet (or for me, La Toya) goes. But it did shed light on how shameless, moody and attention-craving Jermaine is.

The show began filming about a month before Michael's death, and was supposed to document the making of the 40th anniversary reunion album/show of the Jackson 5. (It's kind of unclear if Michael had any intention of being involved in any of this.) After his death, the show got picked up by A&E, and the brothers realized that they were once again in demand. However, when Jermaine began taking business meetings almost immediately after MJ's memorial service and later planned a tribute concert in Vienna—which he planned on headlining—without consulting any other family members, the brothers got pissed off and said as much to the press, which subsequently affected ticket sales for the tribute show and led to its cancellation. To punish everyone else, Jermaine decided to stop participating in the 40th anniversary reunion events, and bailed on a photo shoot without even telling anyone.

I kind of like that Jermaine referred to Tito as a "pain in the ass", because it's the most blatant example of projection I've ever seen.


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