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Feel like crying about how much war sucks? How it places unspeakable demands on its soldiers and forces some of the human race's most selfless and righteous specimens to kill innocent people? How it achieves nothing save the perpetuation of pointless hatred? How some people thrust into it manage to remain good in spite of it all? Okay, so there's this doctor, in Israel, who mostly saves Palestinian babies by day, then goes out to bomb Gaza in the nighttime in these highly-targeted raids where he actually gets to see his suspects running. A story in the Washington Post makes a little motif out of how he uses the same thumb to perform CPR on Palestinian infants as to drop explosives on their older brothers. He thinks he'll spare more lives than the average officer. "If you think you're more moral, stay in and fight the battle the way you think it should be fought," he says.


His name is Yuval, and the military wouldn't allow the to use his last name, though whoever he is, he should probably run for president or something, not that he's particularly upbeat or positive or has a clear solution for anything.

"Maybe because I killed those two, their brother and uncles will launch Qassams in revenge, and kill two Jewish children. So did I do a good thing? I don't know. I don't know if it served my country in the long run, but I know what I had to do that night. That's part of the problem: We need people on both sides to stand up and look 20 years ahead." Yuval said he knows that Arabs and Jews can get along. "I know it's possible. I see it in the hospital."


A Time To Kill, A Time To Heal [Washington Post]

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@The One: So, yes, the answer is that I mostly certainly do know that someone can be critical of Israel without being a Jew-hater.

Ok, so then why — and please understand that I'm not trying to jump on your shit — do you think the people you've been arguing with here are just all Jew-bashing? I mean, I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but it seems to me that the criticism of the conflict here is ultimately not against the Jews as a people, but of the people on either side who're making the decision to kill each other.

Again, I'm not trying to pile on. I'm just not seeing any anti-Zionist feeling here and am asking where you do.