The latest in New York Times trend piece combines some of your favorite topics: TEENS, TEXTING and VAMPIRES.

"With myriad electronic ways to socialize, gossip and explore hobbies, tech-addicted teenagers are getting even fewer hours of sleep," the Times reports, explaining that when teens stay up late into the night texting or using their laptops that activity is called "vamping." (The teens invented this name for themselves, which is why it's so #cool.)


Unfortunately, there are a few small loopholes in this particular trend, as is often the case. As the Times acknowledges, this behavior isn't limited to teens and it isn't really new: kids have been getting in trouble for staying up late and reading under the covers forever. So why are we paying attention to it now? Because 1. #socialmedia is endlessly fascinating! and 2. #teens are really good at making everything they do seem special:

They document their all-nighters by posting selfies on Instagram from bed, with the hashtags #teen and #vamping.

Also because it sounds kind of sexXy.


Image via Monkey Business Imaging/Shutterstock