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The Hills: Whitney Learns To Deal With Scary Boss Kelly Cutrone

Now that Whitney has a new job at Kelly Cutrone's fashion PR company People's Revolution, she might actually get a storyline that isn't a complete snoozer. On last night's episode, we got a glimpse of Kelly's bitchy side when Whitney's coworker was snapped at for not doing her job properly. Then we learned that it was Kelly who made Lauren cry during the first season of The Hills when she was trying to secure tickets to an event at L.A. Fashion Week for Vogue's Lawren Howell. Clip above.


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Random thing that I'm embarrassed to admit I noticed:

The mirror that Heidi picked up from Lauren's in the second episode? I was already in Heidi's apartment in the first episode, leaning against that bizarre piece of furniture Spencer was taking with him (what was that?).

So yeah, it's fake. Shocker. I'll go get a life now.