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'The Hills': We're High On "Lo"

Does anyone else think Lauren Conrad is a jackass? She's always harping on her friends' choices in men, and presents herself as this level-headed young woman, but on last night's episode, we were reminded that she actually took Jason Wahler seriously as a person, let alone boyfriend. And she still entertains his calls—from rehab. Really though, the magic in the clip above is Lauren's friend Lo. We'd like to think that if we were around these people, we'd laugh at everything they say and do, too.


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Vallen "cupcakes" Leigh

My favorite Lo: In Laguna S. 1 during a benefit concert to raise awareness for voting, or some hippie shit blah blah blah (i don't mean that, i love you tre), everyone was pretending to care, except for Lo. Who, bless her sweet little heart, was only there for the sushi they had planned to eat afterwards. I have to believe she'll get her own show, she's golden!! I won't eat Pinkberry, but damnit, I will enjoy life. Long Live Lo!!!