The Hills Season Finale Wasn't The Season Finale

Last night on The Hills, thanks to the good graces of Lisa Love and the strings pulled by those MTV producers, Lauren will no longer be known as "the girl who didn't go to Paris." That was so predictable though. Spencer and Heidi had some more boring fake drama, there was no JustinBobby, and there was too much staring. All in all, it was a really fucking lame-ass season finale. But then during The After Show, Lauren's "surprise announcement" was that the episode we just watched actually wasn't the season finale. They're coming back with new episodes after a short break. In the clip above, take a look at all of the horrible awkward moments from last night's episode, and after the jump, let's look at Lisa Love's face.

Does anyone else hate these two?

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Watching people trying to emulate Will & Grace is worse than having to actually watch Will & Grace. First of all, why do they scream everything? They have microphones. And speaking of that: Why do they wear those Madonna "Blonde Ambition" headset microphones?

The most interesting thing moment of last night's episode was when Lisa Love said she ran away from home at 15 and went to Paris. I imagine her as an underage, glamorously tragic French whore working the streets to make ends meet. That sort of rough life would explain why her face is so worn out.

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Don't get me wrong, I think it's admirable that a woman in the fashion industry would forgo Botox and face lifts and choose to age naturally. But I'll tell you I was shocked when I checked out her Wikipedia page and saw that she's younger than Oprah. Sure, black don't crack, but still...

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Okay two things: One, I kind of like to think that host girl is actually secretly really smart/funny - but then, if that were true, she'd probably be doing much more interesting things with her electronic pen, of which i am insanely jealous. Though I thought that little party hat she drew was mad funny, even though little Levy was too much of a moron to discern what it was. And who picked out that bowtie?

Two, my favourite part of the episode last night was definitely during the closing montage when they were showing what everyone was doing at that moment, and it was like, "Whitney and Lauren at airport! Heidi driving! Spencer high on pills! Audrina DOING NOTHING!" The shot of Audrina honestly made me laugh so. hard.