The Hills: Please Don't Leave, JustinBobby

On last night's episode of The Hills, so much shit actually went down: Audrina saw JustinBobby kissing another girl, and Spencer's sister Stephanie joined the cast to do her brother's bidding and get all up in Lauren's face. Why do they pack all the action into one episode? All we have to say is please, please, please don't let this be the end of JustinBobby: His responses to the shit Audrina says are just priceless. When she told him she saw him kiss another girl he said, "Hallucinogenics, dude." (Not nearly as succinct as a simple burp, but just as funny.) Then when Audrina insisted that she wasn't hallucinating, because her friends saw it, too, JB replied, "Your friends don't fathom me whatsoever." Wait, so who's on the drugs here, JustinBobby? After the jump, a blind item and the "She Pratt."

We received a tip from reader that all of the stuff that went down at the club Opera — Stephanie Pratt's confrontation and JustinBobby's infidelity — was indeed very real, which is why a lot of the footage was so grainy and unsteady, rather than beautifully set up on a tripod. This all happened about a month ago, and TMZ captured some of the real drama that the MTV crew didn't manage to get, like Audrina flipping double birds at JB. (We also received another tip that can't be backed up at all, but we hear that a new cast member of The Hills is a recovering meth addict.)


So how craptastic is Stephanie Pratt? She did a lot of things we liked last night, like when she called Frankie Delgado a Wilmer Valderama wanna be, and when she creepily told Brody to go home with her. We also really like that she poses some sort of physical threat to Lauren, who mentioned that she was afraid Stephanie might hit her. Also, Stephanie said JustinBobby was the nicest one of the bunch, which we tend to believe. She needs to take care of those fly-aways though. Damn Gina, get some serum for that shit. You're on TV now!

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