The Hills: Only Alcoholics Dance At Parties In Malibu

On last night's episode, Holly Montag danced at another open-bar party, leading everyone to believe she's an out-of-control drunk. Stephanie Pratt stepped in to "call her out on her bullshit" in what was supposed to be an intervention.

Stephanie's approach to the intervention was interesting...

...and not at all successful. I love how she says "don't bullshit a bullshitter," because that's what Anna Nicole said to her cousin Shelly in the Christmas special episode of her reality show.

Jayde and Brody are working hard for their own story line. BTW, in case you didn't know, "yelling" = "angrily talking."

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Is that Joe Francis in the scene? I guess they were friends before all the assault charges and lawsuits.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Things I would rather do than hang out with any of these people:

- have really dry drunk sex for a month— the kind that you know is fruitless but you just keep drunkenly doing, until one or both of you is like, I am just too impaired for this, and then you go to sleep, and the next day you have that residual "dry sex vagina" feeling.

- study for a SEC sponsored test about taxation of invesmtents

- drink warmed up tequila and chocolate milk

- hug Michael Vick

I wonder if anyone watches this group of dead-eyed vanilla with the price jacked up and thinks, you know, I really think that these people are fucking rad. Do they? Oh, god. #thehillsjoefrancis