While we enjoy the PR spectacle of Heidi and Spencer in everyday life, the Bolthouse drama and the "You're choosing work over me" storyline they have going on The Hills is so fake and annoying. Letting them be their normal cheesy selves would be so much more entertaining. Thankfully Lauren's friend Lo keeps it real — or as real as "scripted reality" television allows. Between her gleeful admission that she likes to pass judgment on people, her subtle hint that Lauren and Brody banged one another in Vegas, and getting all up in Brody's face, she continues to be the best — and usually only redeeming — personality in The Hills universe. As for Lauren, she went out to dinner a bunch more times this episode. And although it seems like she only ever eats sushi, after the jump, we've got evidence to the contrary.

Do you see what we see?



On the left is the new Collisions Zesty Taco and Chipoltle Ranch (we know them well) and on the right is the perennial crowd-pleaser Cool Ranch flavor.

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