'The Hills': Lo Downs Shots, Flashes Vagina, Confronts Friends

I really like Lauren's friend Lo (especially now that we know she doesn't wear undies), but I don't understand why she cares so much about JustinBobby's moods. BTW, I really began falling in love with him after he was so assy during Brody Jenner's birthday toast, drinking before everyone else. As for the Heidi subplot: That shit at Bolthouse is way too staged, even for this show. And how do Spencer's parents not know about his engagement??? Didn't they read about it in Us Weekly like the rest of us? Lastly, I'm really, really, really hating his wispy, blond facial hair, mostly because you just know that the hair on his balls is exactly the same.

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@BAngieB: I think that is the only memorable thing to come out of LC's mouth, and it was a prize!

JustinBobby needs to die. Anyone who dresses like a homeless person just cause should not live on this planet. Sorry, I can't stand that tool, he's just as bad as Brody. And why did Audrina freak out at them?