The Hills: Lauren Pretends To Be A Supportive Friend To Audrina

On last night's episode of The Hills, Audrina and Lauren went out for a drink together for the first time since Audrina moved out. You'd think any roommate tension that used to be between them would have dissipated, but there was still some weirdness in the air when Audrina spoke about boyfriend JustinBobby and the changes he's going through. (He's so over the L.A. club scene.) What do you think is going on behind Lauren's sun-damaged eyes? Are there any truth to the rumors that she's into JB and they've hooked up? It would be pretty outlandish, since she's such a severe territory marker, and doesn't permit her friends to even look at a guy she's Frenched.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

So what's next for America's extended teenagerhood? We had Laguna Beach for kids, The Hills for people in their 20's... The Burbs for people in their 30's? The Divorce for people in their 40's? The Ungrateful Teenage Children for people in their 50's?