The Hills: Lauren And Heidi Talk, JustinBobby Burps

Finally! Something happened on The Hills last night, other than awkward silences and blank gazes. Lauren and Whitney attended an event that — oops! — Heidi and her coworker also happened to be attending. Heidi then had the balls — or the orders from producers — to approach Lauren to "talk." It was actually quite brilliant, because, instead of apologizing to Lauren, Heidi sorta made matters worse by implying that there really is a sex tape. So then Heidi stalked Lauren on some fake version of iChat — which was probably just a series of photos producers created to look like a conversation was taking place — and they agreed to meet at Lauren's apartment to talk things out. Lauren recited some poignant, scripted lines about love and forgiveness, and we learned that Heidi is even more of a rere than previously thought, since she pretended not to know that "sucky/bad person" Spencer spread those rumors, and because she thought she had a chance in hell of ever getting back into Lauren's good graces. Thanks God for JustinBobby, is all we have to say.

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I am now convinced that the whole "sex tape scandal" was planted in the media by MTV just to have something for this season to be about.

Everyone knows that reality shows aren't exactly 100% reality. I just don't think this show is even a little bit real.