The Hills Kelly Cutrone: "In Christianity, Mary Gets Pregnant On Her Own, She Doesn’t Even Get F*cked.”

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In this morning's rag trade, we mentioned (briefly) the awesomeness that is this profile of Kelly Cutrone, the self-proclaimed PR "power bitch" and boss of Whitney on The Hills, but we felt we would be remiss in not discussing it further. Before we get to the choice quotes that Cutrone, the owner of People's Revolution, proffers after the jump, I just wanted to point out that Kelly herself gets up in the Observer's comment section to quash the haters who accuse her of lying about her age. In response to a commenter who says, "Hasn't Kelly Cutrone been 42 for about 10 years now?" Kelly goes gangsta: "You have left us no choice we are scanning a copy of my driver's license now — maybe it is your lives that are moving too slow." More quality Cutrone quotes, coming right up!

Kelly has a mouth on her, especially when talking about what it's like to be a successful woman. "I think that people hate women. And I don't think they like powerful women, and I think it really goes back to Salem, I really do. I think it really goes back to this concept of, you know, hysterical coming from uterus… I think that people really have to look back to Egypt, and this concept of women being in power is not a new thought. With the advent of religion, you saw the demise of the female in the godhead. In Christianity, Mary gets pregnant on her own, she doesn't even get fucked."

As raunchy and fantastic as that vagina monologue was, Kelly's secret plans for The Hills are really the best part about her interaction with Observer all-star Meredith Bryan. Cutrone is friends with Paul Morrissey, a former denizen of Warhol's factory. She also lives with an up-and-coming male model named Demian, though their relationship is strictly platonic. So Cutrone's brain came up with this little gem of an idea: "I was like, ‘Paul, if I get Whitney to marry Demian, will you come and direct an episode of The Hills?' That would be the ultimate Warhol thing, right? To get fucking Paul to do an episode of The Hills would be amaaaaazing!" My brain just exploded from all the meta.


The Dark Angel Of The Hills [Observer]

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Tracie Egan Morrissey

@gluecake: there was this kid named shawn cutone that used to TORMENT me when i was in grade school, and it didn't dawn on me until years and years later that i totally missed out on the opportunity to call him "shawn cut one."