Don't you feel just a little bit bad for the poor dudes who get sucked into the universe of The Hills for an episode or two, only to be edited as someone who doesn't live up to the likes of Brody Jenner and JustinBobby? But wait, actually, JustinBobby is sort of awesome in his own way. It's like he truly believes that the retarded things he says are witty and quotable. And why wouldn't he? One of his bon mots, "truth and time tell all" was actually the name of one of the episodes this season. If that isn't validation, I don't know what is. In the clip above, watch how he verbalizes his relationship with Audrina to a potential suitor from an "unsigned" band. Why does he keep saying she's a good girl? Is that what he tells her during sex? Or was it because she ordered a drink called "the naughty school girl" and he just wanted to clarify her true personality with everyone? More importantly, why do I care?