The Hills: JustinBobby Took Audrina's Flower

On last night's episode of The Hills, the gang — meaning, the people paid to hang out with one another in beautiful locations scouted by the producers — went to Cabo for Brody's birthday. Even though JustinBobby isn't really dating/screwing around on Audrina anymore, he still got to go. Once he found out that she's seeing someone else, he got hurt, decided to be a baby and tease her for the entire trip. The first night, he stole that stupid Claire's flower ponytail holder she was wearing and refused to give it back for the rest of the trip. In the scenes from next week, we see that this tactic may have worked, and Audrina takes him back, proving once again that JustinBobby is at once both a moron and a pussy wizard. Clip above.


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