As The Hills celebrated the conclusion of its 4th season at NYC's Tavern on the Green yesterday, we were left to ask, how can a group of "professional designers" all look so gloriously, fabulously fug?

The Good:

Despite having the most modest design aspirations of the cadre (she merely has a denim line) Audrina is consistently better-dressed than her compatriots. Exhibit A: this classic strapless.

Remember, kids, "good" is relative today! And Lo Bosworth's bumblebee special retains a smidgen of retro charm.


Again, Lauren Conrad is graded on a blessedly kind curve; it walks the frump line, but her overly-mature sheath is inoffensive!

The Bad:


Heidi Montag makes me wonder: is there something to be said for never disappointing? Or does that just say something awful about our expectations?

Remember when Whitney Port was the relatively down-to-earth one who seemed to have slightly more of a job? Now she has her own spin-off, a fashion line, a fake job of her very own, and is for some reason apparently renting Stevie Nicks costumes from Party City.


Behold: Stephanie Pratt, the evening's nadir!

The Horrifying/Awesome/Back to Horrifying:


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